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Hemorrhoids Acting Up? Take A Look At These Tips

by Don B. Martin

Some claim that fresh tomato slices can decrease the size of existing hemorrhoids. The acidity of tomatoes allows the tomatoes to reduce swelling when applied directly to your hemorrhoids. Combined with a healthful diet, this treatment may do a very fine job of treating hemorrhoids. When it comes to treating hemorrhoids, water is a cheap and effective treatment. Apply and soak your rectum in warm water for 10 minutes every day, and apply cold presses with a wet towel in the inflamed area. Most pharmacies sell toilet baths, which you may want to purchase.

Soft stools are important to easing the suffering you feel when your hemorrhoids are inflamed. If you have to push really hard when to pass bowel movements then you could be causing a lot of pain to yourself, and potentially cause yourself more pain and problems.

A donut cushion can be very helpful for people suffering with hemorrhoids. This cushion was designed solely for the maximum comfort of your posterior region when hemorrhoids are bothering you. By just sitting on it, you will be more relaxed than you would be sitting on surfaces without it.

To help with hemorrhoids, get your fiber any way you can. This is important due to the fact that a diet lacking in fiber could lead to hard stools and nutrient deficiencies. It may be wise to consider taking fiber supplements, such as linseed or psyllium husks.


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